New Zealand Flag

flag flying


New Zealand has recently been having a debate about its flag, whether it should be changed and if so, to what. The current flag, which features the Union Jack and the Southern Cross, will be pitted against a new design to be decided upon by a panel. Thousands of designs were submitted and we are now down to 4 finalists.

I never submitted a design but have been following the debate with interest and, just for fun, have been playing around with it.

So this is my unofficial contribution. Here’s my thinking:

• It represents the snow-capped, volcanic mountains of New Zealand under the southern sky, evoking the Maori legend of Rangi and Papa, divided by the long white cloud of Aotearoa.

• The colours red, white and black are important colours in Maori art and culture and black and red together represent the fertile volcanic soils of New Zealand. Blue is for the sky and, as well as red, links to the current flag. Black is owned by New Zealand in sports arenas.

• The angles bring to mind both tukutuku panels and the Union Jack. They also represent the converging of our 2 cultures, Maori and Pakeha, in the manner of the South African flag designed for SA’s new democracy post-apartheid.

• It adheres to principles of vexillography.

• It is symmetrical and looks the same from the front and the back.

• It is unique.

• It is simple.

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