About me

I am an award winning graphic designer with expertise in a variety of disciplines including logo and identity design, packaging, web and print collateral. I have worked in London, New York, Auckland and San Francisco.

This website is intended as much a record or visual journal as a portfolio, chronicling the development of my work, for both myself to refer to as well as others.

I am always glad to hear from people, whether it’s for a potential project to collaborate on or even just to say hello.


  1. Yvette

    Hi Sarah, Iam a graphic designer student in Brisbane Australia, and my subject at the moment is Specialisation. We are asked to choose an area of graphic design to specialise in. Mine is packaging. I came across some of your beautiful work on Pinterest, which has bought me here. I love your work and thought I would say hi.

  2. Hi Yvette! Thanks for your kind comments! Best of luck with your studies.

  3. Hello Sarah, love the M&S Range – really inspiring 🙂

  4. Brigitte

    Hi Sarah, I really love your work, what a great balance between traditional and cool! Never thought I’d be sad to have missed out on a series of tin boxes celebrating your Queen’s coronation (being German, on top), but how appealing are those…

    Greetings from Cologne

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